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Artist / CreatorCultureSorted AscendingObject Name / TitleDate
Stamp, Arlene"A" You're Adorable (with the Mum Tapes)1998
Media FileEggermont, Marjan"Bleaching Fields"2015
Media File"Charming"2015
McKeough, Rita"Does A Ball Have a Heart?"circa 1978-1979
McKeough, Rita"HHHGU!!"circa 1978-1979
McKeough, Rita"Is This Ball OK?"circa 1978-1979
McKeough, Rita"Maybe the Whole Ball is a Heart?"circa 1978-1979
McKeough, Rita"The Accident"circa 1978-1979
Haynes, Douglas#2 - July/711971
Elliott, Dennis L.#2 Stoneware vase