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Title: Victorianus
Date: 211-208 BCE
Object Name: coin
Classification: Roman
Mint: Europe, Luceria
Technique: struck
Medium: silver (AR)
Dimensions: Coin: 18.5 mm, 5 O'Clock, 2.73 g (3/4 in., 5 O'Clock, 0.1 oz.)
Subject/Image: Obverse: Male head, Jupiter right, bearded
Subject/Image: Reverse: Victory right, holding wreath over trophy.
Inscription: Reverse: L ROM[A]
Description: Head of Jupiter right, bearded, laureate, with hair falling in three neat ringlets; bead and reel border?/ Victory standing right crowning trophy, between L, ROM in exergue. Linear border
Accession Number: NG.1993.5.90