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Title: US $ 3.00
Date: 1852-11-06
Object Name: paper money
Classification: North American
Issuing Authorities:
Piscataqua Exchange Bank, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Mint: North America, United States, Portsmouth
Medium: paper
Dimensions: Coin: 3 O'Clock (3 O'Clock) Overall: 7.5 x 18.1 cm (2 15/16 x 7 1/8 in.)
Subject/Image: Reverse: Signature
Subject/Image: Obverse: Shipbuilding. Sailor standing facing holding sextant. Farmer standing facing holding scythe. Female bust left, head facing.
Inscription: Obverse: No 2751 A
Description: Central vignette: Shipbuilding scene with two ships under construction. Left vignette: Sailor standing facing, head left, wearing flat hat, holding sextant in raised left and resting right on capstan. Behind him an anchor, bales and barrel. Ship in distance. Right vignette: male figure standing facing in field by river sharpening chine of scythe. Upper right medallion of young female bust left, head 3/4 right, with left hand under chin. Printer's name upper left. 3 in upper right and left corners. Serial number and date handwritten in ink./ Signature
Accession Number: NG.1979.5.19