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Title: Hemilitron
Date: 600-407 BCE
Object Name: coin
Classification: Greek
Issuing Authorities:
Mint: Europe, Himera
Technique: struck
Medium: bronze (AE)
Dimensions: Coin: 16 mm, 9 O'Clock, 3.11 g (5/8 in., 9 O'Clock, 0.11 oz.)
Subject/Image: Reverse: Six pellets within laurel wreath
Subject/Image: Obverse: Female head left, nymph
Inscription: Obverse: IM [E]
Inscription: Reverse:
Description: Head of nymph left wearing necklace, with hair in sphendone; hair in three curls over ears ( possibly central "curl" indicates an earring). Three of six pellets visible in front. IM behind neck./ Six pellets in three lines within laurel wreath.
Accession Number: NG.2002.1.4