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Title: "English" shilling
Date: 1942
Object Name: coin
Classification: European
Mint: Europe, England, Great Britain
Technique: struck
Medium: silver (AR)
Dimensions: Coin: 24 mm, 12 O'Clock, 5.65 g (15/16 in., 12 O'Clock, 0.2 oz.)
Subject/Image: Obverse: Male head left King George VI
Subject/Image: Reverse: lion left standing on crown
Inscription: Obverse: GEORGIVS VI D: G: BR: OMN: REX
Inscription: Reverse: FID. DEF. IND. IMP.ONE SHILLING. 1942
Description: Head of George VI left, bare. Inscription around. Artist's initial's HP under truncation/ Crowned lion standing left on large crown. Date across field left and right
Accession Number: NG.1994.4.576