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Title: US $ 3.00
Date: 1862-11-01
Object Name: paper money
Classification: North American
Mint: North America, United States, Salisbury
Technique: printed
Medium: paper
Dimensions: Coin: 12 O'Clock (12 O'Clock) Overall: 7.5 x 18.4 cm (2 15/16 x 7 1/4 in.)
Subject/Image: Reverse: Three medallions with 3 in each
Subject/Image: Obverse: Seated woman, two men in Smithy. Bust of girl with wreath. Veiled bust of young woman left smelling flower.
Description: Central vignette of woman seated left, with hat tied on neck, holding sheaf of grain on knee. Man in apron standing with right arm akimbo. Man working on wheel. In background blacksmith shop with anvil. Upper left vignette of head of young girl with vines and grapes wreath three quarters right. Lower right vignette of young woman, veiled, holding flower in raised right which she is smelling (or a dandelion which she is blowing), in her left she holds two other flowers. Three ornate medallions with "3" in center. A to left of central vignette. THREE printed in green below. / Three medallions with 3 in each
Accession Number: NG.1979.5.42