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Title: 25 cents
Date: 2004
Object Name: coin
Classification: North American
Mint: North America, Canada
Technique: struck
Medium: steel, unspecified alloy, 94%; copper (CU), 3.8%; nickel plating, three-ply nickel finish plated steel, 2.2%
Dimensions: Coin: 23.81 mm, 12 O'Clock, 4.54 g (15/16 in., 12 O'Clock, 0.16 oz.)
Subject/Image: Obverse: Bust Elizabeth II right, head bare
Subject/Image: Reverse: Sailing ship, "La Bonne-RenommTe" left. Commemorative of founding of Acadia (+le Ste. Croix)
Inscription: Obverse: ELIZABETH II D. G. REGINA P
Inscription: Reverse: CANADA 2004 25 CENTS RRC 1604 2004
Description: Bust of Queen Elizabeth II right, head bare, wearing earring, necklace of beads and drapery. P below bust. Inscription around from lower left to lower right. Inscription left and right around. Border of dots./ Sailing ship, "La Bonne-RenommTe" left under full sail. Ethnic above. Denomination in field right. Horizon in field right, absent in field left. Artist's initials above waves in field left. Dates in two lines below left of ship. Border of dots.
Accession Number: NG.2011.3.12