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Title: 10 pfennig
Date: 1922-05-31
Object Name: paper money
Classification: European
Issuing Authorities:
Domitz, Germany
Place of Origin: Germany, D÷mitz
Mint: Europe, Weimar Republic, Dömitz
Technique: printed
Medium: paper, card stock
Dimensions: Coin: 12 O'Clock (12 O'Clock) Overall: 5.5 x 7.4 cm (2 3/16 x 2 15/16 in.)
Subject/Image: Reverse: City Crest with city wall, gate with closed door and tower.
Subject/Image: Obverse: Gate in city wall.? Architecture
Inscription: Reverse: Awer wat helpt dat all? De Friheit fehlte, un wo de fehlt, snnd an de Seel de Sehnen d÷rchsneden. Gnltig fnr den Geldverkehre innerhalb der Stadtgemeinde bis zum 31 Mai 1922 Rat der Stadt D÷mitz i/M (Signatures)
Inscription: Obverse: Reutergeld 10 der Stadt 10 Pfg D÷mitz Richard Zscheked
Description: City wall with gate. Text on banner above and below. Artist's signature below on banner to left and right of ethnic./ City crest in center depicting city wall with one tower below which city gate with door closed. Above in four line quotation from Reuter. 10 to left and right of crest. Text below 10's. Signatures below crest. Artist's initials to left and right of Reuter quotation.
Accession Number: NG.2008.11.1033