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Title: 25 pfennig
Date: 1922-05-31
Object Name: paper money
Classification: European
Issuing Authorities:
Domitz, Germany
Place of Origin: Germany, D÷mitz
Mint: Europe, Weimar Republic, Dömitz
Technique: printed
Medium: paper, card stock
Dimensions: Coin: 12 O'Clock (12 O'Clock) Overall: 5.4 x 7.3 cm (2 1/8 x 2 7/8 in.)
Subject/Image: Reverse: Children seated by sheaf of grain
Subject/Image: Obverse: Building in which Reuter imprisioned Architecture
Inscription: Obverse: Reutergeld der Stadt 25 Pfg Reuter GefSngris D÷mitz i/ M Richard Zscheked
Inscription: Reverse: Wenn einer up en Wagen luren m÷t, dat hei girn nah en anner Flag henkamen mnggt, so is dat all 'ne hS¯liche Unrauh; Swer vel dnller is't, wenn einer luren m÷t, dat hei man von en Flag wegkamen mnggt. Der Rat der Stadt D÷mitz i/M (Signatures) Ric
Description: Building in which Reuter was imprisoned. Text above and below; denomination left and right. Artist's signature left and right corners./ Girl seated right with back against sheaf of grain, basket by her side. Boy seated left with back against sheaf of grain, drinking from vessel. Above in four lines, quotation from Reuter. 25 in upper left, pfg in upper right. Text with signatures on banner below. Artist's signature lower right.
Accession Number: NG.2008.11.1035