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Media File
Title: 25 cents
Date: 2000
Object Name: coin
Classification: North American
Mint: North America, Canada
Technique: milled
Medium: nickel (NI)
Dimensions: Coin: 23.88 mm, 12 O'Clock (15/16 in., 12 O'Clock)
Subject/Image: Obverse: Female bust right crowned, Queen Elizabeth II
Subject/Image: Reverse: Three vignettes: tracking telescope; rural scene; city scene
Inscription: Reverse: INGENUITY 2000 ING+NIOSIT+ JJ CANADA
Inscription: Obverse: ELIZABETH II D.G. REGINA 25 CENTS
Description: Bust of Queen Elizabeth II right, wearing wearing crown, necklace and earrings. Inscription left and right around. Dates below. Border of dots./ Three vignettes: tracking telescope; rural scene with sun, mountain, silo and fields and water in foreground; city scene, with train, shipping, skyscraper and futuristic plane in sky. Artist's initial JJ in field right. Date and theme in English and French above, CANADA below around. Border of dots
Accession Number: NG.U.2011.1.43