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Title: "Scottish" shilling
Date: 1942
Object Name: coin
Classification: European
Mint: Europe, England, Great Britain
Technique: struck
Medium: silver (AR)
Dimensions: Coin: 24 mm, 12 O'Clock, 5.6 g (15/16 in., 12 O'Clock, 0.2 oz.)
Subject/Image: Obverse: male head left King George VI
Subject/Image: Reverse: lion seated on crown
Inscription: Obverse: GEORGIVS VI D: G: BR: OMN: REX
Inscription: Reverse: FID. DEF. IND. IMP. ONE SHILLING. 1942
Description: Head of George VI left, bare. Inscription around/ Crowned lion seated facing on crown holding sword in right and sceptre in left. Shield with saltire cross of St. Andrew in field left, shield with thistle in field right.
Accession Number: NG.1994.4.577