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Title: Tetradrachm
Date: 284-305
Object Name: coin
Classification: Roman
Mint: Africa, Alexandria
Technique: struck
Medium: billon (BI)
Dimensions: Coin: 20 mm, 12 O'Clock, 7.48 g (13/16 in., 12 O'Clock, 0.26 oz.)
Subject/Image: Reverse: female figure, Dikaiosyne standing left
Subject/Image: Obverse: Male bust emperor Diocletian right
Inscription: Reverse: L B
Inscription: Obverse: AKGOVALDIOKLH[TI]ANOCCE[B]
Description: Male bust emperor Diocletian right, laureate, inscription around/ Female figure, Dikaiosyne standing left, wearing veil over had, long chiton and peplos, holding scales in right hand, holding cornucopia in left hand, numbers in field left and right.
Accession Number: NG.1993.2.2583