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Title: Drachma
Date: date unknown
Object Name: coin
Classification: Roman
Mint: Africa, Alexandria
Technique: cast
Medium: bronze (AE)
Dimensions: Coin: 35 mm, 12 O'Clock, 21.28 g (1 3/8 in., 12 O'Clock, 0.75 oz.)
Subject/Image: Reverse: Male figure emperor driving Quadriga of elephants right.
Subject/Image: Obverse: Male bust right laureate emperor Trajan
Inscription: Obverse: [AVTTPAIAN]CEB GERMD[KIK]
Description: Bust of Trajan right laureate, inscription around; border of dots/ Emperor driving quadriga of elephants right. Above the heads of the central elephants stands Nike right holding palm in outstretched right and a palm branch over her left shoulder. Trace of inscrption in exergue, border of dots
Accession Number: NG.1993.2.2347