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Title: Stater
Date: 530-510 BCE
Object Name: coin
Classification: Greek
Issuing Authorities:
Mint: Europe, Kroton (Croton)
Technique: struck
Medium: silver (AR)
Dimensions: Coin: 26 mm, 6 O'Clock, 7.67 g (1 in., 6 O'Clock, 0.27 oz.)
Subject/Image: Obverse: Tripod, w. crab symbol.
Subject/Image: Reverse: Tripod incuse.
Description: Tripod on exergue line of fine dots. 2 serpents within bowl of tripod. Scrolls between legs, 2 serpents, each facing outwards from central foot of tripod. Inscription upwards retrograde in field right. Crab on its side in field left. Border of dots between lines/ Incuse tripod from obverse, but without scrolls or serpents. Border of radiating lines.
Accession Number: NG.1990.7.67