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Sorted AscendingArtist / CreatorCultureObject Name / TitleDate
Obverse: Church and briarZscheked, RichardGerman10 pfennig1922-05-31
Obverse: Woman weighing fishZscheked, RichardGerman25 pfennig1922-05-31
Obverse: View of town in rural settingZscheked, RichardGerman50 pfennig1922-05-31
Reverse: City crest with wall, gate and towerZscheked, RichardGerman10 pfennig1922-05-31
Obverse: City gate in wallZscheked, RichardGerman10 pfennig1922-05-31
Obverse: Reuter’s prisonZscheked, RichardGerman25 pfennig1922-05-31
Reverse: Children seated against sheaf of grainZscheked, RichardGerman25 pfennig1922-05-31
Reverse: Large buildingZscheked, RichardGerman50 pfennig1922-05-31
Obverse: Man and woman on river bankZscheked, RichardGerman50 pfennig1922-05-31